Building Better Lives Language School is an organisation run entirely on charitable and friendly donations. Here we look after 60 children from the slum community, teaching both Khmer and English to our older children. The Khmer lessons are taken from the national school curriculum, so children too poor to attend public school can keep up with their studies. English is not taught at the public school, so we aim to give our children a head-start in this key area from a very young age. Many higher-level factory positions and better paid jobs in Cambodia require a certain level of English. Teaching the children gives them the chance to get out of their current situation by obtaining a better paid job.
Everyone at the school is fed a daily meal of rice with vegetables or meat. We wash the children daily to keep them clean and inspect their hygiene. We give medicine where we can to unwell children, who would otherwise not receive it.
At the beginning of 2017 our youngest child at the school was 10 months and the oldest 14 years. The majority of the children are three to six years old.

This is how you can help...

English is so important in Cambodia and even just having a very basic level of English can mean a drastic difference in job and salary. As an English teacher your role would be to provide basic English lessons to the older learners at the school.

You would provide an invaluable resource as a native or fluent speaker of English, offering our children more exposure to the language. English isn’t taught in public schools until the children are much older, and is often at a poor standard.

Your role would also include helping out in other areas of the day, for example helping to feed and wash the children. We are also excited to hear about any other skills that you have that could benefit the children, whether it be arts and crafts, sports, music or cooking and other important lifestyle skills.

If you don't feel confident teaching English, don't worry! Our teachers here are on hand to help you out. If you would like to volunteer but do not speak English we would still be very happy to have you help out in Khmer lessons, with our younger children and for you to teach us some of your language and about your culture! 

"Volunteering for Building Better Lives was a life changing experience for me. I got to learn so much about Cambodian culture and teach English to children where I felt it was really needed. Channa is amazing and will make you feel right at home, like you are part of her family."

- Alice (2016)  
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