4 years old

Davin's father left when she was seven months old. Her mother works in a factory to support her family. Davin has been coming to BBL for 18 months. Without BBL Davin would not have anyone to care for her during the day while her mother is at work. She is a very friendly child, who is full of laughter and loves to study.


2 years old

Rothna's father works as a security guard and her mother works in a factory. She has been attending BBL for a year with her older sister. Her family lives in the nearby slum community and is very poor. They moved from the province to Phnom Penh because they do not own any land and could not earn money to support themselves.


3 years old

Rothnak's mother collects rubbish from the waste dump - cardboard and plastic to sell for recycling. His father is a security guard. He has been at BBL for a year. As both his parents have to work to earn enough to support the family, they cannot look after him during the day. He is a quiet and creative boy, who loves to draw.

Van Excellent

5 years old

Van Excellent's parents work in a local factory. He attends BBL with his younger sister, who is 18 months old. He is a very bright student and picks up English quickly. He is very inquisitive and loves to learn about new things. He has been a student at BBL for over a year now and we are hoping he will have the chance to attend public school next year.

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