We really value every donation we receive and no gift is too small

We rely solely on donations for the resources of our school. We thank everyone who donates to our school personally, with photographs of where your money has been spent and the good it has done. We or the children here will write to you to say thank you for helping us improve our school! Below is a list of what we currently need at BBL.

Anything else you think the children would enjoy or learn from - please donate! You can always get in touch with suggestions.


  • Desk table (seats 2 to 3 children) x 4 (24USD per table)
  • Lockable Cabinet x 2 (50USD each)
  • Pencils (5USD for 200 pencils)
  • Pens (3USD for 1 box of 50 pens)
  • Exercise books (graph paper) (4USD for 10)
  • Re-fillable marker pens (1USD each)
  • Ink (10USD per box)
  • Desktop computer (200USD)
  • Printer (150USD)
  • Educational Toys and Games (English or Khmer)
  • Big White board x 2 (10USD each)
  • Small White board (2000R/50c each)
  • Textbooks for learning in English
  • Story books (1USD per book average)
  • Fan x 2 (10USD each)


  • Plastic Chairs (small) x 50 (3USD per chair)
  • Rice (25USD per 50kg bag)
  • Plates x 50 (2500R/50c per plate)
  • Spoons x 50 (3000R/75c per 10 spoons)
  • Cups x 10 (1000R/25c per cup)
  • Mat (for sitting/sleeping on) x 6 (6USD per mat)


  • Soap (5USD for 3kg)
  • Towels (2USD per towel)
  • Shampoo (3USD per bottle)

Thank You!

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