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Project Director and Teacher

Channa has been working with poor families and their children since 2007. Between 2009 and 2015 she worked for “Stitching Beetje Beter (SBB)” where she ran a project school, teaching English and Khmer. In 2015 she set up Building Better Lives to help the parents and children of the slum community near her house.


Deputy Project Director and Teacher
Eng has been at BBL for one and a half years. She teaches Khmer and English and helps run all aspects of the school. She completed her studies before starting at BBL.


Kanha has been teaching at BBL for a year. She teaches half days and goes to the public school to study the other half day. She used to be a student of Channa’s at SBB and is a very good teacher of both Khmer and English.


Daycare Supervisor
Tan has worked for BBL for one year and five months. She works with the younger children and is brilliant with the little ones. She has worked with Channa for a long time, including at SBB, helping with the daycare and cleaning.

You can contact Channa on 069 430 211 or 066 339 684 (Cambodia's country code is +855). Cambodia is 7 hours ahead of GMT/UTC.

*dates valid as of January 2017

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