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Building Better Lives Language School has been running for over two years (beginning of 2017), as a place where parents from the slum community can drop their children while they are at work, knowing they will be cared for and in safe hands. Over 2.5 million Cambodians live on less than USD 1.20 a day; many have to work multiple jobs and underemployment is very common.

50% of the population is under the age of 25 and the education system is struggling to cope. Many Cambodian children are too poor or too young to attend public school. These children often end up going to work with their parents, where they pick litter, beg or sleep on the side of busy and dangerous roads. Children have died this way. Children are regularly left alone when parents have to return to factory jobs, often working twelve hour days. This happens with children as young as three months.

In just over two years the number of children attending the Building Better Lives Language School has jumped from five to sixty, with word travelling quickly through the community and more parents wanting to drop their children here every week. We do not feel we can turn these children away. We believe in helping these children through teaching them English, so they are able to get better jobs later in life. With only five members of staff at the school; two teachers and three day-care workers, it is a tremendous challenge.

This is where you can help! We rely on volunteers and donations to keep our school running. Here you really can make a notable difference to the children’s lives, and be invaluable in helping us to continue the critical work that we do.


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